martes, 10 de junio de 2014

To my 20 years old me

The secret is to watch out, to go out. Put your light out in order to shine the moment, the place, the life where you are. Shine as a star.

You are complete as you are now, don't worry for doing something and fall it, it is just a matter of practice, and you have the gift to get all you want, imagine, smile every time you can and breath deeply.

No matter how important people are, they go to the toilet, they have feelings and needs.

You only are owner of your inner self so nothing can make you lose your peace so train hard your inner self.

Chat a lot, maybe it sounds not important, but chatting is the use of our language, our reality is based in that.

Hug your brother and your father, some day you will lose them.

Be honest with other and specially with you.

All is a matter of time not money, don't lose time, don't worry about money, People are important, without them, no life, no adventures, no future.

And, yes, That girl that freezes you up is interested too, be risky with her.

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