domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Stop Complaining, stop bitching

In this month I had started the challenge of don't Complaining about nothing, becouse this is a waste of time you are focusing in trouble and you are just feeling like a victim. Once a quote of Jim Rhon, it said " If you don't like this so move on, you are not a tree.

To remind me the challenge I thought to share in this blog pictures about this interesting topic and comment them. So here we go!

If  you are in a place and you don't like it, so get off of there, you are not a tree. :).

So what about doing some sport? , some isometric?, some calisthenic?, running?, or eating more vegetables or fruit and stop have sodas?.

The world will be change because we are changing it, not just watching and complain.


Don't you believe it? You are a lucky one. And me.

In the activity you find more about you, the best person you can be, new skills, new learnings, key word doing.

Or don't do it if  you don't like it!.

Complain is a waste of energy and time to solve the problem.

Sometimes the we only can change our attitude or our inner thought about the problem.

Finding solution makes us differents.

Maybe it is a wonderful day after all ;).

To my apartment door.

What about tomorrow, tomorrow is our no body can stole it to us, neither us.

What about gathering and  be part of the change of our country instead of complain. ?

Fucus in enjoy the moment ...

Wow I didn't know that! I can read that and other things. I am blessed!

No words

Yes, it makes us fools if we continue with that.
I have spend over the mid of my life life is short after all to waste it worrying.
One idea be disciplined.

To my study room, facebook, google + and all space I am.

It reminds me the sunshine! 
Good idea to my mouse pad and morning chocolate. 

Plus this mental map.

Great sunny day! 

Yours Tavo.

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